Here lies Lauren Spencer

Living in Peace

Died June 10, 2008 – Born June 15, 2008


A white funeral marks the complete death of your old life. So many of us, myself included, have made resolutions, "turned over a new leaf,"  "hit bottom," or developed a new outlook on life. But this isn't about adjusting your life to a new concept, method or goal. You physically remain the same, but ALL the other stuff dies.

Consequently, you go through a time of mourning for who you were and how you lived - as much as you might have hated yourself - simply because the "you" you knew is gone. And being reborn can be scary, just like the first time around. Like a child, you have to learn how to live and discover who you are. You have growing pains and find it hard to obey the new "rules" of life. But you regain something that you probably haven't had since your first childhood. Joy. And this time, it will never leave you.

This is my journey through suicide attempts, alcoholism, jail and the miracle of my white funeral.
This site gives you the background but I hope you will also visit my BLOG* (  where I write about the challenges I faced, and continue to face, confronting life as a (dare I say the word?) born-again Christian. Here are some of the topics:

I am not here to preach or "convert" you, so let's get that out of the way. No person can change your mind or your heart. You didn't get to a state of despair through one isolated experience and this is no different. I pray that what you take, or don't take, from this is just one stepping stone on your path to peace and joy.